Strategic Partnership to revolutionise Packaging on Demand

CMC Packaging Automation, a leading supplier of fully automated, right-sized packaging solutions that is a proud partner of KKR’s Global Impact team and backed by Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, and Antalis, a part of the Kokusai Pulp & Paper group, a worldwide leader in papers, packaging and visual communication distribution, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at delivering innovative, efficient and sustainable packaging solutions for web shops, retailers, 3PLs and logistics companies in Scandinavia.

This partnership brings together the complementary strengths of both companies. CMC Packaging Automation is renowned for its innovative on-demand packaging technology and automation expertise, while Antalis boasts an extensive distribution network and a deep understanding of customer needs across various industries. By combining forces, CMC and Antalis will offer integrated packaging solutions that meet the evolving demands of the Scandinavian market and create a one-stop shop for all packaging needs, providing tailored solutions that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Automated packaging solutions from CMC will help Antalis’ customers reduce labour costs, minimise material waste and optimise packaging and shipping processes. Additionally, the partnership will enhance customer services and offer comprehensive support, including installation, training, maintenance and technical assistance, resulting in faster and reliable service.

Both companies share a commitment to innovation and sustainability. By collaborating, CMC and Antalis will develop and promote eco-friendly packaging solutions that align with the growing demand for sustainable business practices. The partnership will leverage shared technological advancements to create cutting-edge packaging solutions that benefit from the combined expertise of both companies.

“We are incredibly proud of this partnership with Antalis. Together, we can provide tailored advice and services that meet the specific needs of our customers across different industries, while advancing market demands,” said Francesco Ponti, CEO of CMC Packaging Automation.

“By uniting our innovative on-demand packaging technology with Antalis’ expansive distribution network and deep industry insight, we are setting a new standard for efficient, sustainable packaging solutions in Scandinavia. This partnership underscores our shared commitment to driving customer satisfaction and loyalty through cutting-edge advancements and eco-friendly practices so to help clients achieve their sustainable supply chain targets and meet their ESG criteria,” added Luigi Russo, General Manager of CMC Packaging Automation.

Commenting on the partnership, Jacob Ejlskov Andersen, Sector Director for Antalis Packaging in Scandinavia, said: “We are excited about this partnership as it represents a significant step forward in the development of our business within automation as well as our focus on addressing the increasing need for sustainable packaging solutions.”

“By combining the innovative CMC Packaging Automation machinery with our deep know-how in the packaging industry, we are well-positioned to deliver comprehensive automation solutions and services to support our customers’ needs, ensuring compliance with upcoming regulations such as, Empty Space Ratio, and driving sustainable initiatives,” Jacob Ejlskov Andersen concludes.

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