Supply Chain Disruption Eased by Control Tower Satellite Visibility

Viasat, Inc. is working with TCTEC Telecom to provide its powerful satellites for the company’s Long Range (LoRa) Peer-to-Peer technology, which allows vehicle tracking, direct communication between trucks, and alert monitoring.

Headquartered in Londrina, Southern Brazil, TCTEC Telecom operates 81 offices in the country and has over 20 years of experience delivering satellite connectivity for clients in the public and private sectors, spanning a range of industries. In transport, its end-to-end IoT solutions give fleet operators to-the-minute visibility of their supply chain, with real-time indicators, vehicle monitoring, and even fuel auditing to help companies operate more efficiently and lower emissions.

The company has now joined ELEVATE, Viasat’s growth program, ecosystem, and marketplace for ambitious IoT providers, connectivity wholesalers, and manufacturers who want to work with Viasat to use its network and footprint at scale.

As a new member, TCTEC Telecom will be able to access Viasat’s highly reliable satellite connectivity and secure, enterprise-grade network infrastructure to strengthen its capacity and work with Viasat’s ecosystem of partners.

James Grisbrook, Senior Director, Marketing and Communications, Viasat Enterprise, said: “The global supply chain market is set to experience a compound annual growth rate of more than 10% between 2020 and 2027, all while tackling significant economic and political headwinds. Access to reliable connectivity and smart technology is going to be vital to meet rising demand – particularly in countries with large rural areas like Brazil. With ELEVATE, we’re excited to work with forward-thinking companies like TCTEC to bring more groundbreaking solutions at speed.”

Augusto Machado, IT Director, TCTEC Telecom said: “TCTEC Telecom is excited about the ELEVATE partnership with Viasat and all the new possibilities that this program can offer. For us, this collaboration means more than just a partnership; it is an opportunity to drive our technology forward and deliver innovative connectivity and communication solutions.

“The ELEVATE program proves to be the ideal platform to achieve this goal. We are ready to join this collaborative journey, overcoming connectivity challenges, and providing continuous innovation to our customers.”

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