The Information Factory launches Business Intelligence as a Service

The Information Factory, an independent software vendor specialising in the logistics sector, has launched Business Intelligence as a Service, an end-to-end, fully managed data reporting and analytics system, available on a subscription basis and operating with cloud based technology.

Logistics is a data driven industry with many complex moving parts requiring monitoring and measuring in order to keep on top of costs, revenue and performance. The pressure on margins, time, customer expectation, service standards and shipment sensitivity increases the need to have oversight across the whole logistics process plus a detailed view on individual elements and support activities.

When harnessed effectively data helps people to improve decision making, identify problems (and solutions), optimise processes and identify trends & opportunities. This is what The Information Factory provides with its new Business Intelligence as a Service. The system connects to the client’s data sources, integrates the data into a secure cloud based warehouse & transforms it into simple to use dashboards, visualisations and detailed reports tailored to company and department KPIs.

The benefits of this service based approach to business intelligence / analytics can be classified in three main categories:

Customer/user experience. The end-to-end approach means that the complete package is provided, all the way from data extraction to reporting and ongoing support. Reports are customised to individual requirements, easy to use and need little user training. Data consulting is also provided to help customers make the best use of their data.

Business insights. Consolidating and managing data from different sources enables ‘one version of the truth’ to be created across the company. More people can access data and the insights it delivers when transformed into reports, charts and dashboards.

Productivity: Business Intelligence as a Service automates the analytics process, improves data quality and delivers at speed. This significantly reduces the time, money and resources needed to be spent manually producing reports.

Robert Jordan, CEO of The Information Factory, says: “We’ve built on our 15+ years of developing tailor-made data driven solutions to offer Business Intelligence as a Service specifically for the logistics, postal, parcel and ecommerce sectors. It’s a market we are very  familiar with and we’re excited at the opportunity to help even more businesses to harness the potential of their data.”

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