The Power of Retail Logistics

Leading UK dedicated transport and logistics specialist LNH Transport’s share their thoughts on how B&M has successfully managed to fight through the retail landscape considering Wilko’s recent collapse.

After the recent news of the collapse of Wilko leaving 12,000 employees jobless and 400 stores out of business, the conversation surrounding the future of the retail industry has become a pervasive topic on everyone’s lips.

With the rise of ecommerce over recent years, and more people choosing to shop online than ever before, it comes as no surprise that many long-standing retail stores are collapsing. But how has a high street powerhouse like B&M not only withstood the test of time amongst all the competitors, but shot ahead to become one of the biggest high street shops of all time?

With 707 stores in the UK, B&M is the UK’s largest discount variety store operator.

Lucie Hyde (pictured), Managing Director of LNH Transport has commented on the rise of B&M and gives her thoughts on why the store might be withstanding the test of time:
“B&M’s current position in the retail landscape is very prominent. Operationally they are in a very good place, as they focus on price, value and high-quality retail standards. This is crucial in our current landscape, with the cost-of-living crisis at the forefront. To keep up with their competitors, B&M also clearly views their supply chain strategy as an important part of their growth.

“Logistics is a vital part of a successful business, and it looks like B&M will continue to invest in its supply chain, with them now operating in four key locations. From looking at recent responses from the biggest retailers carried out in a survey by Retail Week, B&M may also be focusing on solutions like increasing on-demand delivery, automation, responsiveness and flexibility to continue transforming their supply chain. Heading into retail’s busiest period and with product demand at its highest, managing supply chains, especially the logistics, transportation and storage of your products, will be key to a high-street retailers’ success during this challenging time.”

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