Time to winterproof safety signage

Winter is not the safest season. Slips and falls increase dramatically, especially when working outdoors, or simply walking to an office from the parking lot. When the cold and dark seem to conspire against health and safety and the need increases to highlight new safety communication to lower the risks, Brady is proposing signage solutions to help make the winter safe.

Reliable safety identification solutions to support Go for Zero programmes throughout winter include:

  • ISO-compliant ultra-visible reflective signs with excellent outdoor reliability to clearly identify on-site winter slip hazards and other risks, and easily guide employees, even in the dark
  • reliable pipe markers easy to apply to wet, rainy and cold outdoor pipe surfaces to make them compliant with any regulation or standard
  • PaintStripe stencils to quickly re-paint or create new, straight outdoor floor marking
  • outdoor safety cones and A-board floor stands to immediately highlight ice patches and other emerging winter hazards

While any solution can be pre-printed to a customer’s specifications, Brady also offers full flexibility to get through winter. With the BBP37 Multicolour & Cut Sign & Label Printer at their premises, a customer can quickly update safety and facility identification to reduce risks by:

  • creating reliable, industrial-grade outdoor signs, labels and pipe markers in any shape
  • using in stand-alone mode, or add Brady Workstation apps to design an even wider range of signs, pipe markers and safety labels
  • stocking a few blank label supplies – requiring minimal storage space – to sustain safety identification needs throughout winter

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