Trailer Truck Loading, Unloading

VisionNav Robotics launched its latest automatic trailer truck loading and unloading solution – featuring the newly unveiled VNST20 PRO AGV robotics – to a European audience at LogiMAT 2024, the international trade show for intralogistics solutions and process management in Stuttgart, Germany. The European premiere of the pioneering solution from the materials handling robotics specialist saw demonstrations of how it is capable of loading and unloading trailer trucks in just 45 minutes.

VisionNav’s high performance autonomous forklift VNST20 PRO combines an advanced Robot Control System (RCS) for fleet scheduling and 3D LiDAR SLAM positioning technology for market-leading accuracy. The VNST20 PRO has been designed specifically for floor handling and now enables us to load and unload trailers.

At LogiMAT 2024, VisionNav’s stand featured an immersive display allowing a technologically advanced exploration of the capabilities of VNST20 PRO, which marks an evolutionary step in the development of trailer truck loading and unloading.

Powerful 3D perception, state-of-the-art mapping, and market-leading accuracy

Fitted with a powerful RCS which utilizes state-of-the-art 3D perception, mapping, localization, and routing technologies, the VNST20 PRO generates efficient loading and unloading strategies.

Featuring 3D LiDAR SLAM positioning, the dedicated, proprietary system delivers increased space utilization, high scenario adaptation, high compatibility, and reliable solution redundancy to provide fast, safe, and efficient cargo handling.

Available in Europe from 2025, the VNST20 PRO can adapt to diverse trucks, goods, and environments, utilizing self-adaptive perception for diversified environments and dynamic mapping for dynamic routing in container. It is compatible with a wide range of trucks in Europe and North America, and can be tailored to a variety of pallets, including EPAL and CHEP. VNST20 PRO is easily switched into manual mode to prevent operational delays.

Key features of VisionNav’s VNST20 PRO:

– Rated load capacity of 2000 kg
– Minimum turning radius of 1,431 mm
– 3D LiDAR SLAM Technology

Enhancing work efficiency and safety, the VNST20 PRO represents the pinnacle of AGV robotics, transforming cargo handling by enabling rapid loading or unloading of trailer trucks in just 45 minutes. This groundbreaking approach revolutionizes traditional methods of trailer truck operations.

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