TSC Printronix launches first mobile RFID printer

TSC Printronix Auto ID has launched its first mobile RFID printer, the Alpha-40L RFID. TSC Printronix Auto ID says the compact, mobile powerhouse is further evidence of its expertise in RFID and marks a resilient step forward in production and logistics processes.

The Alpha-40L RFID is extremely robust and capable of fast anytime, anywhere printing and coding of RFID tags and labels. TSC Printronix Auto ID says its simple functionality and excellent battery capacity make it ideally suited to long shifts of asset tagging and labelling in transport and logistics, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, construction and food and drink.

Aside from efficient printing and coding of a wide variety of RFID labels, this new direct thermal mobile printer can also print 1D and 2D codes and standard labels making it a versatile addition to any fleet. The print width of the Alpha-40L RFID is up to 104mm (4.09 in), its print resolution is 203dpi and it has an incredible print speed of up to 127mm per second (5 in/s).

Despite its solid look and rugged construction, the Alpha-40L RFID weighs deceptively little at just 1,025g (including battery). Enterprises will appreciate the robustness of its build, which has been shown to survive falls of 1.8m without damage. Tests have further shown that the mobile printer, classified according to protection class IP54, defies dust and water without an additional cover. Users can, however, opt for a protective cover for harsher environments such as outdoors and this would enable the device to withstand falls from 2.5m. Its solid design meets military standards MIL-STD-810G for fall and vehicle vibrations.

The Alpha-40L RFID is based on the same modern technology that TSC Printronix Auto ID uses in its enterprise-class RFID printers and can therefore encode even complex inlays. Automatic RFID calibration, seven menu buttons, intuitive navigation and a clear 2.3-in colour LCD display make the mobile device very user-friendly. Integrated software supports SDK software packages for common operating systems such as Windows, Windows Mobile (WinCE), Android and iOS, and makes set up, programming and operating the printer not only particularly easy but also fast.

The Alpha-40L RFID’s rechargeable 7.4V DC 6,200mAh Li-Ion battery and TSC’s intelligent battery management system guarantee uninterrupted operation during complete work shifts. The Li-ion smart battery, when paired with either SOTI Connect IoT management tool or TSC Console remote printer management, enables users to work confidently all shift while their battery’s power consumption and the device’s performance are being monitored.

Fast, secure wireless connection can be established via either the latest 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi Bluetooth 4.2 or Apple-certified MFi Bluetooth 5.0. Such modern wireless technology ensures employees are always connected, well informed and able to print the required labels where needed.

For carrying and operating comfort as well as performance, TSC Printronix Auto ID offers a wide range of accessories for the Alpha-40L RFID, from belt clips and shoulder straps to powerful docking stations, rechargers, adapters and spare batteries.


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