Unlock Remarkable Energy Savings with Rollpower

In today’s rapidly evolving logistics landscape, where operational efficiency is paramount, Megadyne Rollpower™ stands as a game-changer. Offering up to 5% energy savings, this cutting-edge belt solution revolutionises logistics operations, ensuring seamless performance and unparalleled reliability.

Power Transmission Solutions

With over six decades of expertise, Megadyne has evolved into a global leader in Power Transmission. Operating across Europe, North America, and Asia, Megadyne provides an extensive range of high-quality products, including thermoset and thermoplastic polyurethane belts, rubber timing and v-belts, pulleys, and complementary accessories—all tailored to meet diverse customer needs.
As a proud member of the Ammega Group, Megadyne aims to be the local partner of choice for sustainable belting solutions. This commitment is upheld through the adoption of the latest technologies in raw materials and collaboration with suppliers who share the same dedication to sustainability.

Designed for Logistics Excellence

Designed with logistics in mind, Megadyne Rollpower™ sets a new standard for performance on roller conveyors in warehousing and manufacturing environments. Its innovative design offers a host of benefits:
• High efficiency: it ensures smooth and quiet running and stable tension over time, fostering a productive, low-noise environment.
• Flexibility and High Performance: with exceptional grip and speeds up to 3 m/s, Megadyne RollpowerTM ensures improved load capacity by increasing the number of ribs.
• Cost savings and minimal maintenance: thanks to its superior wear and abrasion resistance, Megadyne RollpowerTM reduces downtime and expenses, while easy installation streamlines operations.
• Energy saving: reduces the need for idlers and tensioners, ensuring peak performance with minimal slippage.

Engineered to meet the most rigorous industry demands, Megadyne Rollpower™ drives efficiency, cuts costs, and optimises productivity across all aspects of logistics operations, from receiving lines to order picking, sortation, transfers, and diverters.

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