Velcro Solutions for Pallet Stabilization

Kite Packaging, a British B2B packaging supplier, has unveiled a versatile range of Velcro solutions for efficient cable management, pallet stabilisation and display applications.

Kite’s adjustable straps, available in black, and cable ties, available in black, red, yellow, green and blue, are designed to bundle and organise cables efficiently. Their adaptability accommodates different cable sizes with the option for colour-coordinated organisation, ensuring a neat and professional appearance while minimising tripping hazards. The combination of Velcro and a plastic buckle keeps items securely fastened, while the soft material reduces wear and tear on cables for longevity.

Available in white, Kite’s adhesive Velcro dots offer a convenient alternative to traditional fastening methods. Their reusability provides flexibility for repositioning and rearrangements, making them ideal for frequently changing environments, such as retail settings, educational institutions and healthcare facilities, where there may be temporary displays. A cost-effective and eco-friendly solution compared to single-use adhesives, these dots are designed for damage free removal, leaving no residue behind, and are suitable for various surfaces, including walls, glass, metal, plastic and fabric.

Likewise, the company’s Velcro pallet stabilisers offer long-term cost-savings and environmental benefits thanks to their reusability when it comes to securing and stabilising palletised goods. They reduce on-site waste compared to single-use counterparts, aligning with the ongoing shift towards sustainable practices. Available as a wide wrap and a single strap with a metal buckle, the durability of Velcro grants resistance to wear and tear, providing dependable, reusable option for stabilising pallets.

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