Webinar: Driving Change and Reducing Costs in Delivery

Cost reduction is top of mind for those managing transport and delivery fulfilment operations.

The opportunity has never been greater to reform your route optimisation and delivery processes and identify areas to drive measurable improvements – from automating manual processes to increasing data visibility across your operations.

Join Aptean and Logistics Business on 8th May, where a team of TMS experts will guide you through innovative ways to deliver efficiency improvements that help you maximise cost savings and break free from limitations posed by your current systems.

Key topics to be discussed will include:

• Cost reduction strategies and how to make savings without compromising on service quality or operational efficiencies
• Change management within fleet operations and how to successfully navigate challenges
• Emerging trends in fleet management, the impact on the industry and how to adapt to changes effectively
• System and technology effectiveness and how they can add value and bring significant improvement in transport management and delivery fulfilment

Reducing Costs in Delivery

Minimising disruptions, maximising efficiencies and reducing costs can all be gained by making changes to the way you operate your transport and delivery processes. Are you ready?

Register Your Place

Peter MacLeod, Editor of Logistics Business, will host a roundtable panel of experts.

*Not for you? Please feel free to forward this invite to your colleagues who may gain value from attending the webinar. And if you register before 8th May, Aptean will send you a free coffee voucher for you to enjoy!

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