Webinar: Engineering Risk out of Insurance Transactions

Insurance of freight is about managing risk. Listen and learn about the Redkik revolution of the logistics insurance industry. The panel – Chris Kalinski of Redkik and Tom Ptacek of Lockton Industries, moderated by Editor Peter MacLeod, discuss how insurance calculation predictions and rates per mile are now possible, as is integration with transport management and brokering platforms. Freight insurance is becoming a variable, rather than a fixed cost. Marine risk insurance is the oldest in the world but has come a long way since Lloyds began.

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Redkik is a global Insurtech company with the mission to transform and improve the insurance industry for all parties within logistics and transportation. Redkik’s platform eliminates the need for annual and complex policies. Through Redkik’s embedded integration with licensed cargo insurance providers, transport intermediaries can offer their customers on-demand per-shipment, customized cargo insurance when their freight is booked.

“Redkik has enjoyed expanding to the Asian market with ERGO; they have been nothing but knowledgeable in supporting this partnership and imminent launch across Asia. Redkik’s technology and ERGO’s well established insurance capabilities has led to a transformative partnership that will change the way we think of cargo insurance,” said Chris Kalinski, CEO and founder of Redkik.

“ERGO is excited to partner with Redkik. We want to transform the way Marine Cargo business is done in our region and offer instant quotes and issuance of the certificate of insurance to our customers in seconds,” said Karl-Heinz Jung, Chief Executive of ERGO Singapore.

This SaaS solution for cargo insurance is now available for transport intermediaries to distribute in Singapore and will soon expand through the rest of Asia. This follows a successful launch in the US in 2021 and Europe and Brazil in 2022.

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