Wellness Company Partners with Fulfilment Hub

Cambridge Nutraceuticals has joined forces with leading Bristol fulfilment company Huboo to help meet the growing consumer demand for its wide array of health and wellness supplements.

Founded over 10 years ago, Cambridge Nutraceuticals’ mission is to help people live longer, healthier lives through scientifically proven health supplements. The wellness brand has enjoyed rapid growth over the past decade – particularly post-Covid when consumer demand for health-boosting products skyrocketed.

As the bulk of its business is direct-to-consumer sales via its website, Cambridge Nutraceuticals has partnered with Huboo to support all of its fulfilment needs – a journey which has led to over 40% growth and helped Cambridge Nutraceuticals on its path to become one of the UK’s most trusted wellness brands.

Based in Bristol, Huboo provides multi-channel fulfilment and storage services for more than 1,500 businesses across the UK, Europe and the US. It is the pioneer of the ‘hub-based’ warehousing model – a unique human-centric system focused on ‘hubs’ – essentially micro-warehouses – that are run by small teams who participate in all aspects of the fulfilment process to make it more streamlined and efficient.

Huboo has supported Cambridge Nutraceuticals by facilitating quick and accurate product deliveries for its fast-growing customer base. And with over 85% of its customers ordering on a monthly subscription basis, partnering with Huboo has meant the business has been able to seamlessly manage regular, repeat orders – ensuring deliveries are punctual and tie in with when a previous order is due to run out.

Matt Keys, CEO at Cambridge Nutraceuticals, said: “With Huboo’s technology and logistics infrastructure on our side, we’ve been able to consistently focus our attention towards scaling the business – in the UK initially, but now increasingly overseas too.

“Huboo helps us ensure our subscribers’ deliveries arrive on time, minimising the build-up of a surplus. We also benefit from batch management, stock controls, real-time insights, inventory planning and quality assurance measures so that our supplements don’t exceed best before dates. Huboo is also able to provide letterbox friendly packaging, so customers don’t miss a delivery and have to take a trip to the post office.”

As a result of Huboo’s fulfilment support, Cambridge Nutraceuticals has been able to dedicate more focus to forging ahead with its growth plans, branching into new territories, and adding to an existing presence in the Middle East, Australia and Sri Lanka. It is also looking to further expand its innovative, patented version of lycopene, a natural food compound known to lower the risk of heart disease – called LactoLycopene – across multiple product ranges, to further bolster its growth prospects.

Paul Dodd, co-founder and CIO at Huboo added: “At Huboo, adapting to our customers’ growing fulfilment needs is crucial in helping them evolve as a business. Cambridge Nutraceuticals offers both subscription-based models, as well as traditional eCommerce sales – so having a fulfilment partner that can effectively manage both these order streams, without any glitches, is paramount. It’s been such a brilliant experience supporting Cambridge Nutraceuticals on their growth journey – we’ve strived to ensure their fulfilment needs are handled seamlessly by harnessing cutting-edge technology, and a passionate team, to enable a productive fulfilment process.”

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