Werma launches “new benchmark” for industrial signalling

The new eSIGN signal tower is a breakthrough and a clear sign of Werma‘s continual technological progress: this signal tower sets new standards in terms of individuality and flexibility with full-surface signalling, robust industrial design and impressive features.

As early as 1994, Werma established a global industry standard with the launch of its KombiSIGN signal tower. And this standard has just been upgraded: the eSIGN is the next generation that will define the future of signal towers. Impressive features, supreme compatibility and an industrial design that combines functionality with style and durability.

The new eSIGN has generated a quantum leap in possibilities: full-surface signalling makes it considerably more conspicuous and optimises the signal tower’s potential. This enables all users to monitor processes even more extensively, more comprehensively, more accurately and more proactively. Werma claims the new eSIGN represents a new dimension of signalling.

The eSIGN is a shining example of a signal tower with visibly improved performance: more colours, more effects and more individuality. Thanks to the modularity of its electrical components combined with the latest LED technology, different signalling modes can be produced using multiple colours, brightness levels and light effects – from the classic traffic light display to fully customised settings. Variable fill-level displays or full-surface signals can also be generated with ease using this signal tower. This not only allows users to oversee processes, but also brings completely new possibilities.

Werma says the eSIGN is the best signal tower it has ever developed. The range of applications is as diverse as the eSIGN itself: from alarm signalling to access control, visual warnings, statuses, fill-level or fault displays right through to material stock levels and building security. It can even be used as an acoustic warning system.

Acoustic signalling is an indispensable component that supplements visual signalling in daily work processes across the globe, from production facilities to logistics, building technology or mechanical and plant engineering applications. Their aim is to ensure that processes run smoothly, to secure the safety of personnel and protect the equipment being used. With the comforting feeling that everything is running smoothly.

For this reason, the new eSIGN is equipped with a siren that can produce up to 10 different tones. These can also be configured to suit specific applications. Naturally, the siren can be combined with light effects, has variable volume options and is easy to set up.

The high technological standards and user-friendly operation of this new Werma signal tower are not at all contradictory: depending on the variant, eSIGN can be easily controlled using IO-Link or configured via USB. It can be mounted on the floor, on tubes or on walls.

The two different sizes of the eSIGN also offer maximum flexibility: 15 or 9 segments, with or without siren, standard 24V version with configuration transfer via USB or using IO-Link technology.

The robust industrial design also delivers what it promises: the high IP66/IP69k protection class ensures improved resistance to typical substances used in production, while the UL type 4X enclosure guarantees resistance to UV radiation and environmental influences.

Werma says the custom modes, acoustic signals, free selection of light effects and robust industrial design mean the new eSIGN is simply always the right choice.

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