Werma publishes white paper on signal technology

Werma has published a free white paper, available for free download, to help understand how important the choice of the right signal is for the safety of everyone in industrial environments. It explains which signalling is suitable for which application and how modern Andon systems can optimise manual production and logistics.

Optical and audible signals have always played an important role and have been continually developed over the centuries. Even in ancient times, wood-fired beacons kept seafarers on course. Today, state-of-the-art LED technology serves as a light source for a variety of signalling applications.

There are also a number of examples in our everyday life that illustrate the great advantage of easy-to-understand signals: A red traffic light, the horn of a car or the siren of a fire engine. These signals send a message to the recipient quickly and non-verbally, regardless of the language they speak.

This is precisely why optical and audible signals are also used in industrial environments, production, automation, logistics and building technology to warn, guide and protect everyone in the immediate vicinity.

Signal technology taken to the next level

In modern industry, signal technology is taken a step further: In addition to classic optical and acoustic signalling, intelligently networked, retrofittable systems and clever Industry 4.0 solutions are being used to make networking easy for companies of all sizes. Make processes faster, leaner, better and more efficient, simply at the touch of a button.

Werma’s free white paper explains the importance of choosing the right signal for everyone’s safety. It also describes which signalling is suitable for which application and how modern Andon systems can optimise manual production and logistics as well as how quickly, easily and uncomplicatedly machines, workstations or flow racks can be networked using modern, radio-based signal technology.

Cutting-edge technologies for data exchange

As modern signal devices not only warn, guide and protect on site, both optically and acoustically, but also communicate intelligently with each other, this white paper presents state-of-the-art networking technologies: Werma’s signal devices have the latest interfaces – whether IO-Link, AS-i, USB or as a wireless network – enabling fast, flexible and uncomplicated data exchange.

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