Yale Launches Outdoor Reach Truck

Yale Lift Truck Technologies has launched a new Outdoor Reach Truck, which it says applies smart design to meet the operational needs of logistics businesses. The Yale MRO16-20 will reliably support warehousing and distribution applications which incorporate both indoor and outdoor storage and handling areas.

“The materials handling industry is evolving, and so are the challenges that come with it for our customers,” says Gianbattista Scaramuzza, Senior Product Strategy Manager, Warehouse Products at Yale Lift Truck Technologies. “With the new Outdoor Reach Truck, we’re using tried and tested design and technology to provide a solution for industries where outdoor storage and activities are increasingly becoming an extension of the warehousing and intralogistics operations.”

The Yale MRO16-20 is positioned to aid the streamlining of vehicle-to-warehouse movements by combining the functionality of two traditional trucks into one product.

The multipurpose MRO16-20 Outdoor Reach Truck can handle goods as a counterbalance truck would and reach up to 7.5m in height, allowing operators to perform both functions with just one forklift.

Scaramuzza explained: “The Yale MRO16-20 enables warehouse managers to consolidate their fleet. Combining the use of Super Elastic tyres with the design philosophy of a reach truck, this new outdoor reach truck is ideal for sites with mixed indoor and outdoor applications.”

Smooth Transition

The Outdoor Reach Truck is designed to transition from outdoor movement of goods to indoor stacking and picking. One of the main features of the Yale MR016-20 is the Super Elastic tyres, which offer a comfortable ride for the driver and place less stress on the truck’s components.

The MRO Series is available with a number of configurable options to tailor it to its working environment. An example is the optional air suspended seat, where operators can enjoy high levels of comfort that could increase overall productivity.

Customers can choose between a lead-acid or a lithium-ion battery to power their MRO Series Outdoor Reach Trucks.

Telescopic forks are also available as an option, allowing the loading and unloading of lorries to take place all from one side and giving warehouse planners additional options thanks to dual deep lay outs.

The Yale MRO16-20 trucks can be fitted with Pedestrian Awareness Lights to warn people that a reach truck is in the area, while the Side Red Line system alerts others of their proximity to the truck. A working light assists visibility in dark environments, helping productivity and the easy handling of goods.

“We understand that uptime and productivity are essential in warehousing and intralogistics. We believe that this multi-functional concept, with the use of Super Elastic tyres and other key features, will prove to be very useful for businesses needing to operate both indoors and outdoors,” added Scaramuzza. “Yale is continually evolving to meet the challenges of the industry and the needs of its customers. The launch of the Yale MRO16-20 is part of that evolution.”



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