Yale truck ideal for landscaping expert

The new Yale UX Series range proved to be the ideal solution for the intermittent needs of German landscaping and horticultural company Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn GmbH.

Cities, towns and villages around the world are witnessing a resurgence in the use of outdoor spaces. They provide a place to unwind, to exercise, and to briefly forget the stresses of everyday life. These spaces don’t just miraculously appear; they require precise planning, regular upkeep and maintenance to remain a source of escapism. It may not be an application that requires a full fleet of materials handling equipment, but it is the perfect challenge to rise to for the new UX Series from Yale Europe Materials Handling.

Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn GmbH was established over 70 years ago. Based in and around Hamburg, it is an expert in the construction of new outdoor spaces, tree pruning, and maintenance. The company also builds children’s playgrounds in schools and public areas, providing new opportunities for kids to get outside for fresh air and have fun. Businesses can also rely on Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn to create tailormade and attractive recreation areas for their employees to enjoy.

Sowing the seeds of an idea

Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn needed to replace an existing truck in its building yard. The company was on the search for good quality machines that performed tasks well, but without superfluous features. To assist with finding the ideal solution, Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn turned to Yale dealer MF Gabelstapler.

“We are careful not to simply sell equipment to our customers; we work with them to find the perfect fit and configure it,” said Bendix Sperber, salesperson at MF Gabelstapler. “We design the solution personally with the customer. It doesn’t matter whether the customer needs a single device or a full fleet, everyone is of equal importance and receives first-class, personalised advice throughout the sales process.”

Taking into consideration the equipment being replaced in the work yard and the budget, both a used truck and a Yale Veracitor VX were suggested in the initial discussion. However, it was during an honest and direct moment during the conversation that it became clear the Yale UX Series was the way forward.

Nurturing the working environment

Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn was convinced by the level of performance of the Yale UX Series, as well as the attractive price. The company had perceived Yale to be a premium brand in the materials handling market, but learned through MF Gabelstapler that Yale offers new trucks for all budgets.

Daniel Hahn, CEO at Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn said: “We’re very pleased with the simple efficiency of the Yale GDP35UX. The Yale UX Series is a reliable all-rounder that can handle our intermittent tasks easily. The price was unbeatable.”

The combination of affordability and the personal service from MF Gabelstapler enabled Yale to plant its first roots with Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn.

Used in the loading and offloading of trucks, the Yale UX Series truck moves a variety of loads around the yard. These are mainly pallets of goods but can often include big bags or, on rare occasions, attachments for the tractors and earthmovers. To enable it to transport these bulky loads with ease, the Yale truck features side shift and fork extensions.

The forklift’s ability to adjust from light to medium use in these occasional activities was a feature that particularly impressed the customer. “We can enjoy the security of the brand-new truck and its associated guarantee, which we wouldn’t have with a used truck,” added Daniel Hahn. “All in all, it was the best possible option for our needs.”

The benefits Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn enjoys from the Yale UX Series filters down to its individual projects. Items move around the yard efficiently, ready to be used for the latest landscaping project or playground construction.

Simply efficient

The Yale UX Series was introduced in 2020 aimed at customers with low-intensity applications. Although they may only be used for short periods at a time, they are designed to provide the high levels of efficiency and productivity associated with the Yale product range. The Yale UX Series can also be the ideal alternative to a used truck.

“For our customers, the offer of a new machine for the price of a used one with extremely attractive features sounds too good to be true – but it is a reality with the Yale UX Series. It was the logical choice for many of our clients who approached us looking for a pre-owned machine. Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn is reaping the rewards of what they have sown with its investment, and its business is blooming,” concluded Bendix Sperber.

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