Clark launches forklifts with higher load capacities

Clark‘s globally coveted S-Series celebrated its debut in 2018. With the special “Smart, Strong and Safe” features of the counterbalance trucks, Clark set a benchmark for future truck generations back then. Now the materials handling vehicles manufacturer is expanding the popular series to include IC engine-powered trucks with load capacities of 4 to 5.5t.

Like their smaller counterparts with load capacities of 2 to 3.5t, the new models are also equipped with active safety systems, a smart information system and extensive additional equipment. Operators can tailor the trucks to their individual use and thus achieve high productivity at a low total cost of ownership (TCO), says the manufacturer. And the operator does not miss out either thanks to the excellent ergonomics and safety of the trucks.

The new S-Series models consist of the S40-S55 diesel and LPG forklifts with superelastic or pneumatic tyres. The trucks are the first choice for both medium-duty and extremely tough applications. Wherever high handling performance and availability are crucial – such as in multi-shift operations in industry, trade and distribution, in the paper and beverage industry or in demanding foundry operations – the trucks score with their robust design, reliable, safe and powerful operation and low operating and maintenance costs.

Strong – robust and low-maintenance

The construction basis of the S-Series is, as usual with Clark, the proven “Built to last” concept, which is based on more than 100 years of experience in forklift construction. It stands for a solid construction with high-quality and durable components. The forklifts have, among other things, wet maintenance-free multi-disc brakes, a durable and electronically protected gearbox, tried and tested lift masts from our own production with a robust 6-roller fork carriage, an extremely stable steering axle as well as the fully welded frames familiar from Clark.

Powerful Kubota industrial engines are used in both the diesel and LPG forklifts of the S-Series. The Kubota 4-cylinder diesel engine with common rail fuel injection V3800-CR-TE5B has a fully electronic engine control. This not only makes it environmentally friendly, but also provides an optimised torque curve and more economical operation. Due to the integrated exhaust gas aftertreatment with diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF), the Kubota diesel engine, like the LPG engine, meets the strict exhaust gas standards of EU Stage 5.

Operators can look forward to low operating and maintenance costs with the S-Series. The vehicles have, for example, maintenance-free multi-disc brakes with oil cooling, which also show their strong braking effect on wet or dusty ground. At the same time, the brake booster ensures that less force is required for braking. The long maintenance intervals should also be emphasised. In case of maintenance, all relevant components are easy to reach for the service technician. Downtimes are therefore kept to a minimum.

Active safety systems

Clark offers the S-Series with numerous safety features: These include the standard automatic engaging parking brake, which is automatically activated when leaving the parked vehicle and makes the operator’s daily work much easier. The truck control system prevents the forklift from starting against the parking brake. This not only increases safety, but also contributes to longer component durability.

The parking brake also increases safety on ramps. The operator always has the truck under control, as unintentional rolling away or back is prevented. This anti-roll-back feature is standard and can be activated or deactivated via the truck’s control system. Safety and comfort are also ensured by the direction switch integrated in the hydraulic or mini-lever. This allows the driver to change the direction of travel without having to reach around.

The load weight indicator is available as an option. This measures the weight of the load on the forks and helps the driver to avoid overloading the truck. With the Vertical Mast System (VMS), which is also optional, a tilt sensor automatically brings the mast into a vertical position so that goods can be stored and retrieved quickly and safely. The VMS positions the mast vertically both when tilting forwards and backwards and compensates for the vehicle position on uneven floors or ramps.

In order to adapt the maximum travel speed of the truck to the application profile, a speed limiter is optionally available. And last but not least, Clark offers a car-like reversing camera for safe reversing, with the aid of which the driver has an optimum view of the activities in his path when reversing.

Ergonomic driver’s workplace

The ergonomic workplace concept of the S-Series offers the driver a high level of comfort. This starts with the entry: the driver can comfortably get on and off the truck via the wide non-slip step and the large grab handle. In the spacious interior, the driver enjoys the best head and legroom. Clark has placed the tilt cylinders under the base plate on the new series, thus ensuring unobstructed entry and exit.

The comfortable full-suspension seat with safety belt has a folding backrest and can be adjusted to the weight of the driver. To increase safety during forklift operation, the transmission and direction switch can only be operated when the seat belt is fastened by means of appropriate additional equipment. The ergonomic steering wheel, automotive-style pedals and hydrostatic power steering allow the operator to control the truck intuitively and without effort.

The vehicle is operated either by hydraulic levers attached to the bonnet or, optionally, by mini-levers integrated into the fully adjustable, swinging armrest. The movements required to operate the levers are minimal, relieving the strain on the driver’s arm-shoulder area.

The splash-proof 5-inch TFT colour display provides information on all important vehicle parameters, such as travel speed, load weight and operating time until the next maintenance. Safety and warning messages can be individually programmed and are displayed in 26 languages. In addition, the display is used for onboard diagnostics and has password-protected access in case of service. If desired, to save fuel and increase safety, the vehicle can be programmed so that the engine automatically shuts off at idle as soon as the driver leaves the truck seat. When a reversing camera is used, the image is transmitted to the colour display.

The overhead guard provides a good view upwards when storing and retrieving high racking levels. All mast variants with free lift have double primary cylinders so that the driver also has an unobstructed view of the forks and load to the front. By decoupling the engine, transmission and drive axle, Clark has reduced vibration and noise to a minimum so that the driver can concentrate on his work. A wide range of storage options, a 12 V power connection and, on request, a radio or an additional USB charging port, e.g. for mobile phone devices, round off the workplace.

Extensive additional equipment

Clark offers the S-Series with extensive additional equipment for a variety of different applications: These include container-compatible driver’s protective roofs, a reversing camera, a Safety Light for visual warning when driving forwards and backwards, an acoustic reversing alarm, various seats with armrests or side bars, SE tyres, orange safety belt and a wide range of attachments.

In addition, various cab variants are available: these range from rain (cab roof) or weather protection (roof and windscreen) to a partial cab (roof, windscreen and rear window) to a fully equipped full cab with two-part side door and sliding window, air conditioning, heating with proportionally controllable heating valve, heated rear window and front and rear windscreen wipers, so that the driver can work in concentration and comfort even in the harshest climatic conditions.


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