EFFIMAT brings SINA to LogiMAT 2022

EFFIMAT is bringing its SINA automated solution to life once again together with its German partner Ecosphere Intralogistics at LogiMAT 2022 in Stuttgart.

SINA – Smart kitting solution for Intralogstics Automation – a solution that automates the intralogistics and material handling processes, in for example production, from inbound to delivered kitted items directly at the production line.

The solution can also be applied to 3PL and e-commerce businesses by automating the order handling process. This makes companies able to operate flexibly 24/7 at a low picking cost.

SINA has its origin in EFFIMAT Automated which work with the thought of connecting various robotics solution, matching the customer’s needs. SINA became the result of eight partners coming together with some of the absolute best solutions within each of their product range and of course the knowledge of integration.

SINA is built around the EffiMat, which is a tote-based solution for storage and handling of items. The patented technology within the EffiMat ensures fast picking and the design allows picking processes to be more dynamic and efficient as five totes are presented in every picking cycle. This technology and design make EffiMat the optimal goods-to-robot solution.

Optimal components

To automate the picking and kitting process the most essential components was added. In the front the UR10e collaborative robot is placed to secure efficient picking. With its payload of 12.5kg and large reach of up to 1,300mm and high level of flexibility the UR10e is perfect for the SINA setup.

Attached to UR10e is the Piab MX suction cup. This suction cup is a real all-rounder and is ideal for holding all products, regardless of what material the product is made of or what surface and finish is has. To ensure picking accuracy the AI-based robobrain.vision from robominds has been added.

For safe transport of the kitted items to production line, the AMR MiR250 is used together with the TR125 top module from ROEQ. The top module can recognize and precisely control the loading station via its WLAN-independent optical measuring system.

To make the SINA solution safe, the sBOT nanoScan3 from SICK is mounted on the solution to ensure that the speed of the solution reduces the closer an employee comes to the solution and stops entirely if the employee comes too close.

The intelligence behind SINA

Every solution like this needs a software to connect all the pieces. EFFIMAT Connected was developed for this exact purpose. With a simple interface the software connects all components to the EffiMat, making it a complete and efficient solution.

If needed EFFIMAT connected can be integrated with the customers ERP system, which enables seamless kitting and order handling.

Ecosphere Intralogistics has been the integration partner on the SINA project. It has been taking care of everything from plugging in the components to testing and optimising the entire SINA Solution. Ecosphere Intralogistics will be the EFFIMAT partner in Germany, who will take care of sales of SINA in the German region.

At LogiMAT 2022 in Stuttgart, the eight partners are once again coming together and EFFIMAT will together with Ecosphere Intralogistics be showcasing SINA. You will find SINA in hall 5 at booth F60 where it will showcase how kitting can be handled. Further EFFIMAT and Ecosphere Intralogistics is bringing something new – an updated, even better SINA.


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