Compact and Scalable Sorting System

At the end of last year, Collo-X, an innovative company based in the Netherlands, launched a new sorting system: the MicroSorter. This compact sorting system is capable of sorting up to 1,500 products per hour per unit, with a maximum number of outputs in a very small area. The system is versatile and can process a wide range of products including clothing, shoe boxes, accessories, office supplies, Post and Parcels.

FarmaSort and Collo-X

The company from Wijchen is part of FarmaSort, a producer of sorting solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, with a special focus on pharmacies. Since its founding in 2017, FarmaSort has launched a series of innovative products, including EasyFilling, RotoFilling, and SpeedFilling. With about 100 implemented sorting solutions, FarmaSort supports around 300 pharmacies across the Netherlands in sorting medications down to prescription level. This has firmly positioned the company as a market leader in sorting solutions for the pharmaceutical sector in the Netherlands.

Key Figures of the MicroSorter

The MicroSorter, a compact and scalable sorting system, is specifically designed to efficiently and systematically handle orders and Parcels. Each MicroSorter unit, depending on the configuration, can process up to 1,500 items per hour to a maximum number of outputs on a very small area. The types of outputs that can be sorted to are diverse, including bags, roll containers, bins/crates, carton boxes, gravity rollers, conveyors, and chutes.

The MicroSorter can handle products from 75 x 50 x 5 mm to 575 x 375 x 300 mm, with the maximum weight of the items being sorted at 10 kg. The MicroSorter can be operated as a standalone unit or can be linked with Pusher-, Shoe-, and Crossbelt Sorters for secondary sorting.

After the successful introduction of the MicroSorter at LogiMat 2024 in Stuttgart, the MicroSorter has proven to be suitable for a wide range of companies – from webshops and logistics fulfillment centres to any company involved in post and parcel sorting.

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