Net Hiring Intent for Transport and Logistics

The latest data from Manpower Group reveals that the net hiring intent for businesses in the UK’s Transport and Logistics sector is +21% (for this current business quarter – Q2 2024). Notably, 35% of all those businesses surveyed and planning to hire in this quarter say they will be recruiting ten or more employees. Furthermore, when asked about the reasons for hiring, 18% of those businesses say they are looking to enhance their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) measures to better address issues such as shifting age demographics, youth engagement and bringing more women into the sector.

“This is encouraging news for a sector that is characterised, and often criticised, for its gender imbalance in which women account for only around 23% of the workforce, with over half of them in non-transport roles,” says Rachel Campbell (pictured), Director of Logistics at Manpower Group.

The push to bring more women into the sector comes at an exciting time for the industry, with the introduction of automation and new technology in logistical data and distribution systems, meaning that many new roles demand greater skills and expertise – and therefore higher pay and long-term career prospects. Examples of new Transport and Logistics roles that have emerged in recent years include transport software engineers, drone operators and AI analysts.

Hiring Intent

“It’s not just the highly-skilled roles that are driving demand, however,” adds Campbell. “There’s opportunity for all levels of experience and knowhow as the industry continues to adapt. For example, as many drivers now take on more of a customer-facing and service role in areas such as ride hailing and ride sharing, courier services and self-employed ‘pay per drop’ roles, they are becoming the new face of businesses, applying many interpersonal and organisational skills that had previously been less intensive or simply overlooked.

“This is opening up more opportunity for individuals who may not have thought the transport and logistics sector was for them. It’s certainly something for employers to bear in mind when considering their hiring processes.”

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