I-Pack Delivers Automated Packaging Performance

Leading Finnish logistics services provider Inex Partners Oy has partnered with SEE to enhance packaging automation, as part of its strategy to further improve efficiencies, customer satisfaction and capacity for managing sales peaks.

Inex handles fulfilment and distribution of E-Commerce orders for one of Finland’s largest retailers. The logistics company picks, packs and sends a variety of products from its distribution centre in Sipoo, Finland to consumers right across the country. Goods range in size, shape and weight, and Inex was keen to invest in the latest packaging automation to boost performance.

Packaging challenges

A high volume of products, ranging from clothing through to personal care items and hardware, are sold through the retailer’s E-Commerce channel. Packaging these different goods can create multiple challenges.

Pasi Siilmaa, Vice President, Consumer Goods Logistics at Inex, explains: “Varying product weights and dimensions can lead to overpackaging and wasted space in boxes. Our goal is to avoid this, as it isn’t sustainable and can negatively impact end-customer satisfaction. These factors can also increase operating costs and cause packaging inconsistencies that risk product damage and unhappy consumers.

“Fulfilment of different products can also slow packaging lines, with this challenge intensified during peak trading when E-Commerce orders spike significantly. Our goal was to invest in an automated packaging solution that can deliver both high speeds and precision packaging.”

An automated solution

To achieve Inex’s goal, SEE specified its I-Pack® Void Reduction System. The automated solution has been specifically designed for high-volume E-Commerce fulfilment, where packaging efficiency, speed and protection are crucial.

Garance Kropp, Sales Representatives for the Nordics at SEE, explains: “I-Pack® technology has been developed to optimise fulfilment and packaging processes by automatically adjusting pack sizes. The automated system calculates product dimensions to rightsize, fold, close and seal corrugated boxes according to the exact size of what is being packaged.

“Unnecessary voids in boxes are eliminated, which reduces packaging material usage and overpackaging. As well as delivering cost savings on excessive packaging, this can also reduce transportation costs and carbon emissions, because more customer orders can be loaded per delivery vehicle.”

I-Pack® uses a mechanical sensor plate to process boxes, and depending on size, can package between 400 to 900 boxes per hour. The automated packaging solution also sizes and folds boxes using no knife technology to reduce potential hazards for operators and to lower the total cost of ownership for Inex.

Pasi Siilmaa concluded: “It’s our responsibility to process E-Commerce orders quickly, efficiently, and effectively, so that customers receive them on time and in perfect condition. SEE understands this and specified a solution that produces high-quality, easy-to-open packages at high speed, and which can effectively deal with spikes in sales and customer orders.

“Inex is proud to be an innovative organisation that implements the latest solutions to improve performance. SEE’s automated packaging solution has enabled us to double productivity in picking and packing, and is a great fit for how we work and achieving our goals.”

Seamless Integration Solution

Ferag spearheaded the thorough development of the overall solution design. Embarking on a journey of quality and efficiency, this chapter unveils Ferag’s collaborative prowess with sub-suppliers, presenting a meticulously layout solution that seamlessly integrates conveyor lines, inkjets, labelers, and sorting units, while ensuring the implementation of an advanced EAS alarm detection system and overseeing the flawless installation and commissioning of the production line. Notably, the Intralogistics Specialist’s commitment extends beyond proprietary components, naturally integrating both its own and third-party elements if needed with an unwavering focus on meeting and exceeding customer needs and requirements.

“We are delighted and privileged to announce our partnership with INEX Partners”, says Marko Roini, Managing Director at Ferag Nordic OY. “We have been chosen as the trusted partner to develop the solution design and layout of their packing automation line, a testament to our expertise and innovation in the field. We have ensured the full integration of all modules to provide a seamless and efficient packaging process”.

The challenge was significant yet exciting; “INEX sought to double their productivity in e-commerce packaging processes. We rose to this challenge with enthusiasm and dedication together with SEE seamless co-operation” continues Marko Roini, and ads: “We are confident that our state-of-the-art solution will not only meet but exceed expectations, marking a significant milestone in INEX’s journey towards enhanced efficiency and productivity.”

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