Nintendo Europe Opts for WMS

Soon, EPG’s LFS warehouse management system will control the material flow for Nintendo Europe. The European headquarters of the Japanese parent company, which produces video games and video game consoles, has been relying on EPG’s solutions since September 2023. Alongside LFS, the TIMESQUARE supply chain control tower will also launch, providing a dashboard for operations.

After initial contact in April 2023, project work began in September 2023. Nintendo of Europe’s decision to implement EPG‘s solutions was made quickly, encouraged by the aptitude of an intercontinental company with years of expertise and a comprehensive Supply Chain Execution Suite. To achieve greater flexibility in the management of its warehouse locations, Nintendo of Europe chose to introduce the LFS warehouse management system.

Game Boy, DS, Wii WMS

The initial focus is on connecting the ERP system and Nintendo’s B2C middleware for an April 2024 roll out in Spain and a June 2024 roll out in the UK. Nintendo of Europe does not manage its warehouse locations independently, but instead relies on logistics service providers. These will also work with LFS and TIMESQUARE in the future. The TIMESQUARE supply chain control tower ensures reliable monitoring and reporting of the logistics service providers in addition to all warehouse movements and defined management KPIs.

To ensure efficient implementation, the execution of this project is agile. The goal is to standardize the day-to-day functionality for Nintendo of Europe. As the project progresses, it will expand to manage the B2B business via LFS in addition to the B2C business.

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