Kite launches 100% translucent paper bags

Kite Packaging has launched a range of 100% paper glassine bags. Clear bags have long reflected professional presentation when used as internal packaging, particularly in the fashion or textile industries. Traditionally, a high-clarity transparent bag would have to be made from plastic, though glassine paper can now offer a sustainable alternative thanks to its glossy, translucent finish.

Manufactured from wood pulp, glassine is a recyclable and biodegradable paper that can be put out for kerbside collection in the same way as any other paper or card products. This makes it a highly unique eco-friendly packaging innovation by marrying plastic-free sustainability with a see-through texture.

Kite now supplies these bags in five different sizes all with 40gsm. Therefore, they are suitable for separating individual clothing or accessory items within a larger mailer or granting an extra layer of protection to specific parts of a package.

The glassine bags are grease-, moisture- and dirt-resistant, serving to maintain the pristine condition of the contents. By selecting a bag that will closely fit the contents, clothes can keep their neatly folded configuration to create an aesthetically pleasing unboxing experience. Furthermore, they offer increased reassurance that external elements of wind and rain, for example, cannot damage your products.

With a range of competitive wholesale prices, Kite’s new range can equip both large and small businesses wishing to elevate the professionalism of the packaging without compromising their environmental standpoint. Eco-friendly plastic-free packaging materials act as a strong marketing tool in the current ecommerce climate. The translucent pouches are an eco-friendly alternative to polythene bags by being both recyclable and biodegradable, while maintaining the see-through quality previously only achieved with plastic products.

These bags are professional forms of internal packaging boasting moisture and grease resistance to protect clothing and textile items without harming our planet.

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