Motorized Roller for Pallets and Heavy Loads

The EPS-AS1 roller by Rulmeca is the ideal solution for motorizing roller conveyors for heavy loads (up to 1500 kg) integrated into transport systems, even in industrial environments and can be installed in conveyors that are part of complex logistics systems.

Its compact design takes advantage of the volume inside the roller tube to position the gear motor assembly. This solution allows for considerable space savings following the removal of the external gear motor unit from the motorized roller conveyor and guarantees better weight distribution of the structure by eliminating the cantilevered mass of the gear motor itself.

Assembly can also be carried out a few centimeters from the ground, which allows the creation of roller conveyors with an extremely low loading surface, promoting easier loading and handling of materials.

The most common applications for this type of roller conveyor are linked to the handling of pallets, crates and containers for heavy loads, but these structures are also very well suited to handling objects of regular or irregular shape, such as those frequently used:

– in the airport sector;
– in the production, packaging and automation sector;
– in distribution and storage centres;
– in the beverage industries.

Heavy Load Carrier

EPS- AS1 is the answer to the profitability and productivity needs of warehouses and all work environments that require roller conveyors for handling heavy loads, capable of guaranteeing the use of the right handling technology with maximum flexibility.

The product, with its unique patented design, is the result of Rulmeca‘s know-how and experience in the world of pallet/heavy load transport. EPS-AS1 is an oilless motorized roller, driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor coupled to a robust planetary gearbox. EPS-AS1 has an IP54 protection rating, which allows it to be installed in environments exposed to dust and humidity.

Thanks to the wide range of sizes proposed, it is possible to organize the flow of goods according to the most particular needs and space requirements. The EPS-AS1 roller can be used in a frequency range between 20 Hz and 60 Hz. Torque loss generally does not exceed 5%. The company is exhibiting at LogiMAT Stuttgart, Hall 1, stand D07.

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