Pallet Protection and Stabilisation

Berry’s commitment to sustainability will take centre stage on its stand at this year’s LogiMAT exhibition, to be held at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre, Germany, from 19th to 21st March, as the company highlights its ability to assist customers in meeting both regulatory mandates and sustainability objectives through recyclability, advanced light weighting and the incorporation of recycled materials in its films’ production.

Berry’s range of high-performance pallet protection solutions, comprising its technically advanced stretch hoods and stretchwrap films, is suitable for an assortment of products and end-markets including logistics, construction materials, chemicals, and food and beverage. Highlights include the company’s stretch hood and Bontite® films which have options to incorporate its Sustane® range of recycled polymers. Sustane polymers are backed by EUCertPlast certification, offering customers peace of mind regarding the authenticity and quality of the recycled materials.

As one of Europe’s most experienced manufacturers of stretch hoods, Berry offers a wide variety of stretch hood films ranging from ultra-high elasticity to general purpose films and options to include a level of recycled content. For the protection of especially heavy or irregular shaped loads, Berry’s heavy duty stretch hood films can provide extra levels of protection, particularly for products stored outdoors.

Having such variety allows users to select a film that aligns with their functional, economic and sustainability goals. Additionally, stretch hoods may offer a quicker application process with potential material savings, making them a cost-effective and efficient packaging solution. Importantly, the films are recyclable at their end of life.

Pallet Protection

For those using stretchwrap films to secure their pallet loads, Berry’s innovative Bontite® stretchwrap film is suitable for high-speed and high-volume applications and delivers up to 300% stretch while offering excellent puncture and tear resistance for effective load containment in many different environments. Select Bontite films are now available with 30% recycled content sourced from Berry’s Sustane® range of recycled polymers.

In addition to Bontite, Berry’s ultra-high-performance Stratos® film also delivers up to 300% stretch and has the ability to achieve exceptional film strengths at reduced thicknesses allowing users to minimise packaging and maximise cost-efficiencies. In a successful case study performed by Berry, their 11.4µm Stratos film showed a 44.6% reduction in plastic used per year when compared to a traditional 23µm cast stretch films. Importantly, these lighter weights were achieved without compromising on stability, strength, and protection.

Both Bontite and Stratos films come in a wide range of specifications for which the thicknesses and blends can be adjusted to suit application demands. In addition, Berry can incorporate UV-stabilisers and barriers for enhanced product protection. By offering a comprehensive range of solutions, Berry is able to devise an appropriate solution while addressing customers’ sustainability goals, whether that be to improve recyclability, reduce material consumption or incorporate recycled content.

The Berry stand will demonstrate the company’s ability to offer a one-stop shop for high-performance pallet protection solutions, emphasising the crucial balance between sustainability and performance. Berry will be exhibiting on stand A41 in Hall 4.

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