New AI-driven TOS at Duisburg Gateway

INFORM is poised to enhance the Duisburg Gateway Terminal (DGT) operations through its advanced AI-based solutions, ensuring a robust start as the terminal initiates operations and scales up. This partnership focuses on leveraging AI technologies to streamline intermodal logistics, pioneering Europe’s first CO2-neutral intermodal terminal in the heart of Duisburg’s port.

New AI-based TOS solution at Duisburg Gateway

DGT is on trackto establish itself as the largest intermodal terminal in the European hinterland, with an ambitious annual throughput goal of 850,000 TEU. Located on the historical coal island in the port of Duisburg, the terminal is innovatively planned and will be operated exclusively with crane systems and vehicles without fossil fuels, sidestepping conventional terminal equipment to minimize its environmental impact. Covering 235,000 square meters in total, this terminal represents a monumental step in the logistics sector, handling up to 1 million containers per year across its six cranes and 12 rail tracks, with daily operations for 20 trains, around 400 trucks, and 6 ships. The first construction phase of the terminal will open in summer 2024, utilizing INFORM’s Syncrotess Intermodal TOS.

Sven Zölle, Managing Director at Duisburg Gateway Terminal GmbH, remarked, “Partnering with INFORM enables us to harness the full potential of AI in our terminal operations, setting a strong foundation for DGT’s operational excellence from the outset. As INFORM’s Intermodal TOS covers both the administrative parts of a Terminal Operating Systems and has a strong focus on optimization and automation, this partnership reinforces our commitment to environmental stewardship but also ensures that we remain at the forefront of technological innovation in the logistics industry.”

INFORM’s AI-Driven Solution: Elevating Terminal Operations

INFORM will implement its Intermodal TOS at DGT, leveraging a modular design that enables a high degree of automation and operational optimization. Key features include:

  • Barge Handling: Utilizing AI to streamline barge handling, enhancing throughput and minimizing operational delays.
  • Crane Optimization: Creation and optimization of crane jobs to refine the operations of six intermodal barge cranes, essential for the terminal’s efficiency. The TOS aims to organize crane jobs to substantially decrease handling times. Together, the goal is to stepwise introduce crane automation at DGT throughout the project.
  • Optimized Train Loading: Leveraging advanced algorithms to efficiently plan and execute train loading operations, ensuring optimal use of resources, and reducing turnaround times.
  • Stack Optimization: Employing AI to intelligently optimize container stacking, improving space utilization and accessibility while reducing re-handling.
  • Billing Module Integration: Facilitating the billing process with a tailored module that accurately captures services rendered, streamlining financial operations.
  • Booking Platform Interface: Facilitating seamless integration with the DXI platform to streamline combined transport bookings and enhance operational coordination.

“This expanded suite of services underscores our commitment to delivering a highly efficient, scalable, and sustainable operating environment for DGT, utilizing cutting-edge AI to optimize every aspect of terminal operations,” said Alex van Winckel, Director Strategic Relations and Sales at INFORM’s Terminal & Distribution Center Logistics Division at INFORM. “We are thrilled to partner with the team at DGT on this groundbreaking project.”

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