New Cardboard Press is more than it seems

Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH proudly presents its latest innovation, the “JumboLoadBaler“ for the first time at IFAT in Munich. The revolutionary machine sets new standards in waste disposal technology. Customers benefit from up to 400% increase in productivity in the waste disposal sector and an ROI in less than two years.

What distinguishes the JumboLoadBaler from conventional balers?

The JumboLoadBaler is an all-rounder. It compacts cardboard, paper, octabins, film, PET bottles and beverage cans with a throughput of up to 800 kg per hour. However, its particularly large filling opening makes it stand out from the crowd. This enables manual or automatic filling without any pre-shredding. This is unthinkable with conventional balers. Users save an enormous amount of time by not having to pre-shred the material manually. It also only requires a maximum footprint of 7 to 11 square metres, which makes it ideal for companies that have limited space and want to dispose directly at the source. This eliminates unnecessary walking distances and makes disposal more efficient.

         How the JumboLoadBaler works

Strautmann Baler Innovation

The swing arm conveys the material to the rotor, which automatically fills the bale chamber and then compacts it into a 450kg bale with a pressing force of 600kN. The bale is then tied manually. Various filling options such as a lifting and tipping device, conveyor belt, forklift or wall connection make it easy to integrate into existing production processes.


A Novelty on the Market

Marcel Buch – Head of Logistics at ROFU Kinderland Spielwarenhandel GmbH reports on the use of the machine: “For us, the JumboLoadBaler is the ideal addition to the product range of Strautmann, which is always ready for use for the direct disposal of cardboard packaging and makes work considerably easier for employees. Thanks to the combinable lifting and tipping device, this gives us an enormous time advantage over manual filling. The investment helps us to achieve sustainable disposal and profitable marketing of the bales produced. What previously caused costs has now become a profitable business! “


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